How Do I Hip Carry? | Omni 360 | Baby Carrier

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This is a short demonstration about how to use the Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier in

a hip carry position. Your baby can be seated in this position once she is six

months old and has strong and consistent head and neck control. Just follow these

four quick steps. First check the seat is adjusted to your baby's size, is set up

on the outer black buttons,

and shoulder straps are released and loosened.

Second securely fasten the waist belt and position the carrier back panel on

your side.

Tighten until you get a snug fit. Take the shoulder strap in front of you and

securely attach to the opposite buckle.

Slip it over your head and right arm.

Third pick up your baby and lower her centered into the carrier seat. Guiding

her feet below all the straps. Fourth tighten the shoulder strap while

supporting baby's weight with your left arms. Then grab the second strap and

buckle it on the opposite front buckle.

Tighten the shoulder straps until you feel comfortable. You're all done watch

the following tips for a more comfortable fit for you and baby. For

more comfort on your back tighten the waist belt snugly and make sure the

lumbar support is centered on your back.

Your baby's legs are in an ergonomic M shape position. Make sure your baby's

airways are clear and you're both comfortable with your arms free. You are