How To Cover A Broken Window - DIY At Bunnings

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Well, we've got a broken window and we want to secure it against the elements and to stop

any broken glass falling out and being dangerous. So what I'm going to do is get a bit of ply

and then offer it up to the window and screw it in place.

We'll need to use safety glasses, some safety gloves, tape measure, a circular saw and then

we'll be using a drill. So now that I've got all the tools for the job, I'll set myself

up so that I can start measuring and cutting some timber. Always make sure we have our

safety glasses on and some hand protection. We're going to measure the window frame, so

that we can screw it into the timber around the window. So we've got a 900 drop and we'll

measure 770 across the width. We'll measure one of the cuts and we'll just gently run

a pencil line down there to give us a guide. So now I'm going to do our first cut, but

before we do any cutting, it's always good to put your ear muffs on because it can get


Now, we're going to measure up the height and then cut that one accordingly. We've just

got to reposition the timber making sure that your saw horses are out of the way of the

cut. Now that the panel is cut to size, we can offer it up to the window and see how

we've gone. And that fits in place just right. So now we'll pre-drill it with a few pilot

holes and that way the screws will go in nice and easy. To pre-drill the panel, we're going

to do it just on three sides and if we go in 20 mil from each side of our panel that

should be just enough to fit the screws in just right.

We'll mark out 20 mil on the edge of our panels and if you hold your finger and the pencil,

so that it just touches that mark, and if you're nice and steady, you can just draw