Fix a Chipped or broken tooth at home, cheap!

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hey YouTube spa be here and I've got two

chipped teeth for you today one of them

actually thought on its own it was in

for a long time and the other one I just

recently put back in but I took out

again because I wanted to give him a

nice good edge and the more videos I do

the more people I reach and that's kind

of my goal so I'm gonna teach you how to

fix your chipped teeth with the prime

dent chemical care composite resin based

dental system this is the kit you get it

off eBay it's for like 20 bucks bonding

cost like $600 per tooth you get like a

hundred servings per your 20 bucks so

every teeth you can make is like like

two bucks or whatever you know it it

depends on the size of your chip and

everything but you get a lot of servings

per each kit for only 20 bucks when one

bonding cost $600 at the dentist