How To Hide Your Piercing [CC]

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Hi, I'm Kayla. today we're gonna be talking about retainers what is a

retainer? well, do you work somewhere where you're not allowed to have body

jewelry? maybe just earlobe but nothing above, or maybe you're going to a

doctor and they don't want you to wear any metal. maybe you're going in for a

scan or something like that. well, that's where retainers come in handy. retainers

are usually made out of PTFE. PTFE is something that a lot of piercers carry.

either that, or bioflex. retainers are made for people who have work but

they're not allowed, at their work, to wear jewelry, visible jewelry. so,

retainers are something that can hide this piercing. usually they're clear, or

white, some are even flesh tone. I said earlier that it's PTFE, or bioflex, but

they can also be made of silicone, glass, you can get retainers and glass as well

the area that I work in it's a really close to Disneyland and a lot of their

employees are unable to wear jewelry, but we pierce a lot of them. there's a lot of

employees. everybody knows that Mickey Mouse doesn't like piercings.

so we could pierce with a retainer. piercers, some piercers, pierce with

retainers. you can get your initial piercing jewelry has a retainer or

something that's easily hidden, but a lot of retainers don't allow for initial

swelling and irritation. so I would probably recommend, if somebody came in, I

would recommend them start out with a steel or double check with their work

before they got a piercing. if they're going in for a scan or doctor's

appointment or anything just get the piercing afterwards. just to be safe. you