How To Hide Your Boyfriend From Your Parents

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riah you know how I always say shop

bargain yes have you ever wondered why

does this say that just if I wonder why

I say all the stupid things you say

every single time you say them I won't

have time to think about anything else

so no I don't wonder about it

well let me tell you why I say it

because your single area it's come to a

point where I'm actually worried that

you might die alone imagine what I'm

married with the hottest guy in the

entire world and have kids of my own and

you're at home knitting my kids sweaters

with 12 tracks but you're just as single

as I am it's a choice for me honey but

for you it's reality well I can't have a

boyfriend let's say you know my parents

even freaked out yeah duh that's why you

have to sneak him into your house or you

have to sneak out of your house to see