How to Hide or Show the Bookmark Toolbar in Chrome

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what's going on everybody welcome back

to another tech tip in today's video I'm

going to show you how to hide and show

your bookmark toolbar in Google Chrome

check it out so before we go on over to

the computer I'm going to tell you that

there's two different methods of

actually showing or hiding your

bookmarks toolbar and we're going to go

over that in the actual Google Chrome

right now so what you're going to want

to do first bring up or open up your

Google Chrome browser and if you see

your bookmarks at the top here that

means your bookmarks bar is showing if

you don't see any bookmarks that

indicates that the bookmark bar is

hidden so what we're going to do first

option is if you come up to the top

right-hand corner of your Chrome browser

you're going to click on the three