Cover Up Boiler Pipes | IKEA Hack | Easy DIY | Spice Rack | How To Cover Up / Box In Boiler Pipes

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I'm halfway through my kitchen task and

one of the things I really want Sato is

a color for the bottom of the boiler

you'll see just that are all the pipe

works exposed so I had an idea that I

wanted to make this functional so I've

actually bought some spice racks from

Ikea they've been painted up and I'm

going to attach them onto the front of

the cover so I've now cleared out all of

the wood that I have in my shed and I've

sorted it in two sizes so I've got a

little bit of six millimeters around

here so the problem that can happen of

the quite a bit of nine we'll need so

but I'm going to start now by measuring

how much wood I'm going to need

that's 11 centimeters from the wall

wouldn't let me having tiles on there as

well so I'm going to measure it tends