Why We Hate Body Lifts || From The Inbox

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- What's goin on guys, Fuller here with Custom Offsets,

Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube.

Back at it with another episode of From The Inbox,

and I was absolutely dreading making this video

because I didn't want to do it, everybody in the shop

said we shouldn't do it, and here we are,

still doing it anyways.

So the question that we're answering today is,

"Should I get a body lift and what are the

"differences between body lifts and suspension lifts?"

(hip-hop beat) (drills whirring)

So first off, "What is a body lift?"

and "What is a suspension lift?"

you kinda gotta understand those two things

before we dive deep into this video.

A body lift does exactly what you would imagine it does

based on the title, is it takes

the body of your truck and lifts it up.

So you're using this lift to put a space

between the frame and the body of your truck,

whereas a suspension lift, it changes