3 Ways To Get Rid Of A Black Eye FAST!!!

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hey there what's up with one today I'm

gonna show you how to get rid of a

blacklight quick because black eyes are

just really annoying now if you can see

here the light is making him look nice

bags actually is further oh god be over

bit of a bruise you may be wondering how

I got this black eye you may not give a

crap you may not even care but let's

just get yellow for now that room how

those black eyes from amateur boxing but

it wasn't from sparring it wasn't from a

match we was doing technique drills the

punch the other guy fruit wasn't meant

to be thrown to go from and you just hit

I wasn't expecting it was an accident at

the end of the day versus a mess-up of

communication it's just calling that so

you know if you've ever had a black guy

and now you know how annoying it can be

that will you go to work everyone's