3 Types of Concealed Safes - How Do You Hide a Safe?

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sometimes the best safe isn't the most

secure safe it's the safe no one knows

is there today we're going to talk about

three ways to hide a safe

I'm Robert with Acme locksmith and

you're watching locksmith recommended

the first safe we're going to be talking

about is a wall safe now these are

absolutely the best way to hide a safe

because you could secure them in the

wall right behind a picture or a piece

of art so that no one knows the safe is

there it's really ideal if you have a

small set of valuables that you want to

hide now why do I say a small set well

the problem with wall saves primarily is

that they don't have a lot of space in

them because they're meant to go into a

wall that's only four inches deep you

end up only having about two and a half

inches of active space inside of a wall