How To Make A BIG Nose Look Smaller | Tutorial | 3 Tips And Tricks

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snas honker beak adorable little

nicknames for a nose that is large and

in charge I am very familiar with these

terms because I happen to be the proud

owner of a big nose and I know I'm not

alone because I get the emails from

dudes who are like alpha I hate my nose

it's too big for my face should I get a

nose job

whoa slow down Tonto it's not time to go

under the knife take it from somebody

who feels your pain

growing up I was called every big nose

name in the book but over the years I've

learned to sort of adapt you think all

this is an accident no it is

systematically and strategically planned

in order to minimize the appearance of

my nose and so today I'm going over

three simple tips or tricks you can