The 'Nose Job' Nose Contour | How to Contour a Big + Crooked Nose

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hey guys so today I'll put the

long-awaited nose contouring tutorial

I've been promising and promising this

video for you guys like the last couple

of weeks I had all filmed had all edited

and then I don't know where it went

it is completely disappeared off my

harddrive so here I am filming again

today is Thursday and this is going live

tonight so I'm gonna have to be super

speedy filming this then edit it and

then get out for you guys so there's a

lot of rumors and I have a lot of people

accusing me of getting a nose job like

people are so certain that I'm lying

about having a nose job class if I had a

nose job right I want a refund cuz that

was a waste of money I know this is a

complete saying that's always being it's