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Have you got a big forehead? You do right? High-five! Have you seen my head? Alright

so you must be wondering the best ways to cover your five, six, seven, ten heads

and I'm gonna tell you the best way. So without further ado here goes.

If you're like me and have a Rihanna forehead that protrudes then you you could do a

fringe. A headband is a secret to hiding your six head. Alright so what you do is

get a nice hairstyle slip on a headband and boom BAM boom forehead gone! Girl

I've got a three head and it looks cute! You got makeup skills? HONEY honey you

can turn your six head into a three head. Let me show you. Contour is literally

defining your face. You get a dark colour and you put it on your forehead line and

girl you fall in there you blend that. You blend blend blend blend.

Yeah so you blend in the dark side and the light together and you get the

illusion of your forehead being smaller and more defined. There are so many

tutorials on YouTube where you can learn how to contour and highlight amazing and if

you're a guy you can do the same thing too

as long as you blend blend and blend and no one would ever know. YAS SLAY HONEY!

If you have a lot of space on your head you can make your eyebrows much bigger

by doing this you draw less attention to your head and you shorten the place. As

you can see this is my natural eyebrow and this is an exaggerated bold eyebrow.

So what you do is you try to make your eyebrows look bigger and bolder than

they are which creates less space on your forehead. Let me show you...

you will need an angled brush just to define your brushes. Girl do not watch