How to hide your Belly Button Piercing! (quick and simple)

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greetings fellow Martians I can't do

that hand sign yeah not going to get

into I was gone for so long

actually yeah because I feel like I owe

it to you guys but yeah I've gone for

like two weeks it's super super bad you

know we know and I gave you guys I feel

really back to give you guys a schedule

I'm like when I was posting videos up

but thing is like school of course were

started and then volleyball was just

intimate Club season is starting again

if you guys were you guys were bubble

players you would know that and kind of

things I go to my last video that's been

going on to but anyways um yeah so yeah

sorry do you guys like my nails I

actually really like this color

it's like cultic all wind up around long

I'm like obsessed anyways oh just you

guys okay is it just me having a