How to hide a beer. Simple life hack

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what's crack-a-lackin' guys and gals my

name is fasting and do i got a tip for

you let's dive on in take a look at it


I ever went to a beach or something like

that I went to a family get-together I

went to a park or or one knows uh

campground state parks you know I don't

allow you to have no beer want me to

tell you how to hide that beer so you

can drink it all night long come on over

here let's take a look at it all righty

what you gonna have to have is one them

soda pop drinks that you get from the

convenience store get you on them you go

out to get you some ice because you want

to be able to keep that be your cold as

long as possible and then get you your

beer choice what you wanna do now you

want to put a layer eyes down at the

bottom that give you beer something set