How To Hide Your Big Belly - Look 15 lbs Lighter!

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All of our focus is going to be on hiding that belly! Keep watching it because I'm

going to share with you all the tips all the tricks so that you can look 15

pounds lighter I'm Andres Perez and this is Be a Man TV

I'm gonna start to start by giving you a bonus tip.

Now this tip actually has nothing to do with your

clothing but rather how you carry yourself I'm talking about your posture

now check this out I'm slouched over slightly nothing

exaggerating I'm not try and drag my knuckles like this you know just

slightly compare it to when you stand up straight don't exaggerate like I'm doing

right now just normal compared to slouched, it does make a difference standing up

straight is not gonna be the end-all be-all but when you implement it along

with all the other tips I'm going to share with you you're gonna look your

best for the first tip this is actually something that I've chosen not to

implement myself however if certainly is an option and there are a lot of great

benefits so I want to make sure I share this with you what I'm talking about is

men's shapewear if you don't know what that is basically it's something that

you wear underneath your shirt that helps you look slimmer one of the other

benefits is that it'll actually help you stand up straight but really what it's

designed to do is just to hold everything tight and make everything

firm you know suck in your stomach a bit now for men shapewear there's actually a

lot of options to choose from there's something look like tank tops there's