Love Huge Windows, But Feel Over-Exposed? Here’s a Cool DIY for Privacy with Panache

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okay the next one's for Tanya I think

it's also a Facebook question I have

huge windows I can't read they like they

they blew it up for me Donna Hartman she

says she has huge windows it's great but

it's a major privacy issue because it

faces into the neighborhood I'm

wondering if you have any clever ideas

for window coverings since she wants

them covered actually there are a lot of

great ideas so for one thing we can take

the window and turn it into somewhat of

a piece of art you know I did you're

bringing rooms she did all of our green

rooms with different themes you know my

favorite ones the Upstate one the

Adirondacks look anyone but everybody

loves the Hamptons that's exactly where

I was going with it so these green rooms

have glass panels and we had to come up

with a solution to give privacy are