La-Z-Boy SlumberAir Mattress: Setting up

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The slumber air mattress system from La-Z-Boy

is one of the finest upholstered products produced in the North American

furniture industry.

Setting up the slumber air mattress system is a straightforward operation

that will only take a few minutes and requires no tools.

First remove all loose cushions

important do not place water or other liquids

inside the air cushion mattress. The air cushion mattress

is intended for air only. Do not place hot or sharp objects on top of,

or near the mattress which could penetrate the quilting

and damage the air cushion mattress.

Grasp the handle located in the center of the deck

and lift in an upward direction and then out. Step backward and pull the

sleeper mechanism

out to the first extended position. When it reaches this position

the center support legs of the mechanism will be firmly in place on the


Reach over and grasp the center of the one piece

front leg. Pull up and lower the leg to the floor

revealing the full bed surface. Plug the slumber air mattress pump

into the electrical outlet near your sleep sofa. Unzip the two zippers in the