Hidden bed construction in the living room

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I had to stop filming because I was not able to connect the door to the hinges

even though I did everything by the book and how the plant explained it

it just was impossible. I even took everything apart again and try to

assemble it on the floor which also didn't work

and then I cut off a millimeter from the door and after that I was able to connect the things

and luckily everything works now but

I ... how do you say? I "sweat blood and tears"

for about an hour and now I'm very happy that it's actually working

so this is so far we have gotten until now

and now we can move to the next step

and the next step now is to take some oil with white pigments and turn this into this

so we encountered a little problem with the feet

they work just fine when you open the stairs (or the door)

but when you try to close it again it gets a little stuck

you cannot just smoothly close it

so we need to find a little solution for that but first I'm going to show you what I mean

so this works pretty fine you can just adjust them like that but

now if we try to close it again instead of just sliding down you have to

jump from one side to the other and then go back to the other side and so on

and of course that's not how I imagined it to be so we'll have to find a solution

okay so it workes out now when I want to lower the step I can pull up the legs