How To Hide Bald Spots With Makeup | Using what you ALREADY have!

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being a woman who suffers from hair loss

or alopecia no matter which type of

alopecia you suffer from sucks let's

just put it right out there

it sucks today I want to teach you how

to cover up your alopecia not because

there is anything wrong with it not

because you are not beautiful with it

but just because sometimes it can make

us feel a little bit more comfortable to

do so if that sounds good to you then

keep on watching if you are new here

then welcome my name is Gabby and I've

had a traction alopecia for the last ten

years I recently made a video about my

traction alopecia and I put it on

YouTube and it just completely blew up

and since then it's been quite a

whirlwind of an experience for me I've