How To Get Rid Of Hickeys In Two EASY Steps! (no color correcting) | Brooklyn Anne

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hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Brooke if you're new here in

today's video I'm going to be showing

you a really easy way to cover your

hickeys or your bruises or any

discoloration you have I don't know this

will help you but I will be covering my

Hickey today somewhere on my neck I bet

you have no idea where much so thumbnail

what you obviously did but you know you

can't tell what side of my neck it's on

I show you how to cover it super easy

all you need is two things there's no

color correcting and it literally takes

me like under two minutes when I'm doing

this not explaining it all so please

keep your judgments to yourself mine

personally is from my boyfriend but if

someone here is watching this video who

had a one-night stand and got some