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so let's burn some carpet seams here

what's cracking it's carpet Mike here

from carpet expert blueprint doc coming

in this video I just want to walk you

through a few scenarios when burning

seams what to expect and how to handle

it this is for all you newbie DIY guys

that want to get this done so simple as

can be these are already cut seam tapes

already under it the irons gliding along

nicely basically you just let your iron

sit in place for about 8 to 10 seconds

slide it and irons legs forward blend it

together make sure none of the fibers go

down into the scene and you will have a

beautiful seam if the fibers get down

into that glue if there's gaps or a bad

cut it's gonna look horrific and

everybody's gonna know it's your first

time so try to avoid that it's all in

the cut now let's go through this step