How To Hide A Baby Bump - 8 Style Tips!

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hi guys I'm Lori welcome back to my

youtube channel today I wanted to show

you a few of my tips for hiding a baby

bump because I although from this angle

it may not look like it and because I've

cleverly disguised it I am actually 20

weeks pregnant at the moment at the

moment with I'm wearing quite a blouse

see tops you can't say too much but if I

show you quickly my tummy you can see

that there is a definite bump there I

just thought I would show you if you

share with you a few tips whether you

want to hide your baby bump cos during

the first trimester or like me you've

been keeping you on the download for

work-related reasons I'll probably be

making me announcement next week but so

far I've actually been able to hide it

pretty well though I'll report back and