How To: Hide a Baby Bump at Work ~ 8 Different Outfits For the Office

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hi thought I'd do a short video just

showing you some of the things that

worked for me um to hide a baby bump in

the office so um the very worst thing

you can do is to the top into a pencil

skirt if you have to do that though

there is some other accessories you can

add um you can add something like a

scarf which hides the bump when you

stand to the slide that works if you

have a really cold office most offices

usually are you could also add a jacket

over the top and keep it on again that

just disgusts it when you stand to the

side if your bumps bigger you can also

try it's got a and a jacket to hide the

area entirely but if your office isn't

very cold that's probably not going to

fly the best thing you can do with the

top and a pencil skirt is actually

instead of having it tucked in have a