How to Hide Air Conditioner Unit Outside | Backyardscape

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in this video I'll walk you through the

steps that we took to hide our AC unit

outside there were a couple of rules

that we had for hiding the unit number

one was we wanted to make sure that it

was accessible you want to make sure

that repairs can be done on it or if you

have a semi-annual maintenance agreement

on it you want to be able to remove

these quickly so that they can get in

there and do what they need to do the

next thing we wanted to make sure is we

wanted to make sure that it has enough

airflow and enough in ting for it to

work properly if it's not getting enough

venting then it's not going to do its

job and by default they say to make sure

you have at least 12 inch clearing

between whatever your fencing is and

your AC unit so you can measure that out

so the first thing you want to do is you