How to Hide your Pregnant Belly with Clothing ❤️ 5 Pregnancy Fashion tips

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hi ladies welcome back to my channel

welcome if you're new here in this video

I want to show you five tricks five

tactics I guess how to hide your

pregnancy keep in mind that you cannot

hide it forever at some point it will

become obvious that you're pregnant but

in the beginning like me for example I

am 13 weeks pregnant and this is not my

first pregnancy I am popping very

quickly so I'm gonna hide it until the

right moment so I can announce to people

my trick number one is a bigger bra I

don't mean oversized bra

I just mean padded bras something that

will make your breasts look bigger

eventually your breasts will pop they

will grow they will get bigger because

of your pregnancy but for now you want

something you want your upper body to

look bigger so padded bra it's a must