How To Hide Your Pregnant Tummy

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hi I'm Mars Lord a doing the UK

recognized do I support women through

pregnancy and childbirth a post birth

you can find me at mummy doula dot co uk

I'm here today to talk about pregnancy

birth and infant feeding how to cover

your pregnant belly well sometimes the

reason you want to do this is because

you're not quite ready to share the news

with the world sometimes you do it

because you don't want people to judge

you on your pregnancy sometimes you just

want to put it away so how do you hide

it it's simply by the way that you dress

so don't wear anything skin tight and

skimpy be giveaway what you might like

to do is buy a slightly looser fitting

top or trousers or skirt maybe go up a

size use layers layers help hide things

flowing layers are good again stay away

from the bell temps big giveaway simply