How to Hide iPhone Apps? - Hide and Lock iPhone Apps with Password (No Jailbreak) - 2022

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Sometimes you come across a situation when you need to hide apps like Snapchat, Instagram,

WhatsApp, Tinder and many more including the system apps like iMessages, Photos, and more.

But when we are talking about hiding apps on iPhone , unfortunately, even after iOS 12,

Apple doesn’t provide you with any direct settings in iOS to hide apps on iPhone or iPad.

But wait, there is a workaround, and with a simple trick, you can hide apps on iPhone

or iPad without jailbreaking your device.

Hey everyone, I’m Rahul from TechReviewPro.com and welcome back to another episode where

you’ll learn the various ways to hide apps on iPhone.

First, I’ll show you how to hide and lock apps on iPhones with Touch ID, and later, you’ll

also learn how to do the same on the latest iPhones with no Touch ID.

So keep watching this video!

And with that being said, let’s get started!

After the introduction of iOS 10, iOS allows you to hide or delete system apps on your iPhone.

So if you need to hand over your iPhone to anyone, the quickest way to hide your private

data from any app would be: simply delete that app, and you can always install later

by searching the app in the App Store and then tapping the cloud icon.

But obviously, deleting apps is not always the best solution.

So here is the trick I would recommend for hiding apps on iPhone and iPad.

First of all, go to your home screen, and empty your dock by removing these apps

one by one.

Once you have removed everything from your dock, drag one app to another and that way,