How to conceal frown lines, glabella lines, 11s! | BEAUTY OVER 40

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hello everybody so today I'm going to

let you in on the secret how I conceal

my frown line my frown line between my

eyes is probably one of my major

anti-aging concerns the next one is my

neck but that is another story lots of

you know that I sleep with a frowny

every single night since more than three

years now and I'm very happy with the

results it's gotten so much better if

you don't know what frown is ah I'm

gonna link up my video up there you can

check that out after this video but now

let's get into the secret how to hide a

frown line or two if you have to I

always say I have only one not an eleven

but if you have an eleven that's twice

the fun you can do the same thing just

repeat the steps and it's actually super

easy if we think about why that frown

line looks so deep and dark it is the