How to Remove the 100MB Windows 7 System Reserved Partition (Guide)

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hi there welcome to the video today I'm

going to show you how you help to remove

the 100 megabyte Windows 7 system

Reserve petition I'd be find this guide

useful if you do please help me out by

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we can see here the system reserves is

actually on my II drive we double click

on it it's got some operating system

files here so if you were to mess around

with these files it's possible it could

cause an issue with your Windows 7


worst case scenario you won't be able to

boot to your desktop it'll blue screen

every time so what I'm going to show you

is how to actually hide this this Drive

it's not going to delete it but it's

just going to hide it so if you open up

Windows Explorer like I'm in now and if

you right-click on computer and go to