How to Hide Apps on iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,7,8,X,XS,11 Pro Latest 2020 || 100% working (No Jailbreak) iOS

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hello oil today in this video I'm gonna

show you how to hide ads on iPhone on

iOS 30 on iPhone on iOS 30

we just got a simple way to hide apps

further what we have to do is just tap

on settings here scroll down and then

tap on screen turn then scroll down for

the first time we have to send a screen

tank passbook click on new screen I ask

for it is generally a voltage it

passcode and it is important to remember

that possible now here I am sitting a

four-digit passcode re-entering the past

and then click on friend Gentile

transistor description here we can find

internal privacy restrictions option

which is usually if their Intel control

feature but we can even use it for

hiding apps now I'm just turning on this

content I'm privacy restrictions options