Tableau in Two Minutes - Dynamically Hiding NULLs in Table Calculations

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hi folks welcome to another episode of

tableau in two minutes today we're going

to be showing you a method for

dynamically hiding different parts of

the table calculation when you don't

want them to show up on your dashboard

so let me show you what I mean

first of all we're going to connect to

our superstore data set I'm gonna use

the orders and then we're just gonna go

ahead and create a simple line graph of

year-over-year growth of sales so we're

gonna take order date expand it out to

the month level and then we're gonna

take our sales drop them onto the rows

shelf here oh my goodness I can't hit it

there we go

drop that onto the rows shelf and then

set this up to be year-over-year growth

now you'll see that obviously for the

first year since we don't have anything