Managing Anger

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little Jimmy is very angry never I'll

never play with him Oh Jimmy what

happened why are you angry

Serena broke my favourite toy I want to

hit him hmm

Jimmy I will listen to your problem but

first you have to take a deep breath

like this good now bring your broken toy

here you should not throw it like this

no yes

good job Jimmy you know we all get angry

sometimes even I do remember it's okay

to be angry but it is not okay to throw

your toys or it others what will I do D

can you see I am angry hmm see this is

my mood box it will make your anger just

vanish anger begone

now this is my favorite squeeze ball

whenever I feel like hitting someone i

come and squeeze it try anger begone go


anger go away hey it's gone now hey show

me what else you have not now crazy go

and talk to your friends tell them how

hurt you were to find your toy broken

I'm sure you will not repeat it again

next time you are angry remember one

take a deep breath to squeeze this ball

three when your anger has gone go and

tell the other person how bad you felt

with their behavior you will feel good

anger be gone