2 Month Old Baby Sleep: Tips & Guidelines

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Antonia's got a - a month old and she

wrote in and she said my two month old

wakes up from naps thirty to forty

minutes and do his sleep he wakes up

moving his legs and his bodies he's

swaddled and sometimes he begins to cry

I try to see them in the crib but I

usually end up picking him up he either

will not go back to sleep or I only go

it back to sleep if I keep holding him

so how do I overcome this so for your

little two month old he or she did you

say his yeah he should have a wait

time's up only about one to two hours

throughout the day and that's maximum

your little guy needs to sleep often and

you know babies have a biological need

to sleep often during the day and when

they do they actually sleep better at

night and when they sleep well at night

they sleep better during the day so it

works together because when we work with

babies and getting them to sleep well we

have to look at the 24-hour picture

because a baby and a toddler and a young

child have a 24 hours sleep picture they

need to sleep birth day and night you

don't want to push your little when I

keep him awake too long thinking he's

gonna sleep harder and better like we

would it actually over stresses them and

it makes him sleep worse for his age two

months old three to five naps per day is

pretty normal and then nap lengths can

vary and cat napping or taking short

naps of about 30 minutes or so is

completely normal so if you're a little

when is waking up basically by the clock

I hear this from parents all the time my

baby wakes up every 14 minutes right or

only takes a 40-minute nap the reason

that this is happening is it he's

finishing a sleep cycle and he's fully

waking up so he's not able to start

another sleep cycle in his in your

little guy can be expected when he's two

months old to have anywhere from two to

three night feeds I'm just giving you

the overall picture of what's normal and

his bedtime is anywhere between eight to

ten pm and he's gonna sleep about eight

to ten hours at night and that depends

on you know his feeding pattern his

growth his weight gain these types of

issues in a 24 hour picture your two

month old should be sleeping about

fifteen to sixteen hours so that's just

an overall snapshot of what an average

two-month-old sleep patterns and sleep

amounts and timing look like now if

you've heard all these recommendations

and you think that's pretty much us for

pretty much on par but he's just

continuing you know to wake early from

his naps then i've got some specific

tips to help her two-month-old sleep

well during the day and also at night so

if your little guy is taking on average

30 to 40 minute naps but he's waking up

happy you know he's a happy you know

energetic and interactive baby otherwise

and he doesn't seem too bothered by it

then this could just be his norm now if

he's waking up fussy and he's really

grumpy or clinging or fussy during the

day then that could be a sign that he

needs a bit more sleep so I'll go over

how you can help your two month old

sleep well at night now and then we'll

cover naps so in general with all you

know babies and toddlers and young

children there's a few fundamentals that

I recommend pretty much for all ages and

to help your little ones sleep at night

what I recommend and what's proven to

work is you want to have white noise

playing in their bedroom all night long

this helps drown out any background

noise or sudden environmental noises

from waking your little one you want to

have a blacked out bedroom so you want

the bedroom to be completely dark during

the night which means you know no night

lights and no mobiles or little music

machines or anything and it also means

you want to block out that window so

that the morning Sun doesn't wait your

little one up you want to have your

little one on a consistent bedtime so

that means bedtime shouldn't really

fluctuate for his age by more than about

a half hour as they get older we get a

little bit tighter but for a

two-month-old a good bedtime for him is

8 to 10 p.m. depending on when his last

nap was and so you really don't want

bedtime you don't want it to be 8 to 10

p.m. every night you really want to say

I mean naturally falls asleep about 9 so

I really want to stay within like 8:45

to 9:15 period for most nights because

this really helps us set his body clock

and when you do that then it helps sleep

come at the same time every day and then

you'll want to start a gentle bedtime

routine for him and the purpose of a

bedtime routine is for you to do

behavioral cues for your little one that

it's time to relax and settle down for

sleep because at his age is too young to


and really understand words yet so what

we want to do is we want to repeat the

same behaviors at the same time each

night and these are behaviors that are

proven to relax your little women to

help them sleep and when you do these

consistently not after night after night

at the same time then it's a suite you

see their little bodies sort of relax on

cue and settle into sleep I would

definitely recommend that a

two-month-old has some sort of a

restricted sleep space and swaddling is

basically what I mean when I say this if

you're a little guy has been swaddled

from a newborn phase and he's still

being swaddling and he enjoys that then

definitely keep on swaddling swaddling

helps you know the startle reflex it

helps prevent that from waking your baby

which is a completely normal reflex that

your baby has he's gonna have it until

about three maybe even four months old

so I would continue to swaddle him for

sleep because that definitely helps in

the night I'm gonna take it's super

gentle cuz he's young but in the night

when you first hear him so whether you

share a bedroom with him or if he's in a

different bedroom but when you first

hear him rustling around in the night

whether he's blonde crying straight away

or whether he's just moaning or

whimpering or talking or just you know

and moving around what you want to do

when you first hear him is you just want

to wait okay you just want to pause if

you're sharing your room for him you

want to lie still don't make any noises

and you just want to wait and all you

have to do tonight is wait for one


and then tomorrow night you can wait for

two minutes and then the next night you

can wait for three and for his age I

would not wait more than five minutes

that's that's the maximum amount of time

if after a few minutes you go to him and

he's still making noises he's still

crying you always want to start with a

more hands-off intervention so what I

would do whether in the room with him or

are you going to his bedroom it was I

would first start with just like sheesh

you know just like a Shh or singing a

really gentle and soft lullaby so it's

start with a verbal reassurance only and

I bet you for most two month olds if you

do this at least once in the night it

will help him resettle and fall back

asleep you just needed a little bit of

some sort of a reassurance from me so

start with verbal if after a few minutes

it's not really working and you think

you need to do a little bit more to help

him then I would just put my hands on

him in his bed and just rock his body

gently side

and so I do that for several minutes if

he prefers you to Pat his bum you know

rhythmically or to stroke his head or

hold his hand whatever he prefers I

would do that for another several

minutes in the hopes that he would then

settle down and fall back asleep and if

after several minutes of each of these

activities doesn't work then go ahead

and pick him up you know he's gonna need

to feed two to three times in the night

so that's every three to four hours

anyway so depending on when he last fed

he may be hungry for nuts I have

basically the same tips as the night

time you wanted to all those now because

he's gonna be napping so often during

the day three to five times I don't

expect you to be at home and having him

nap in his bed all day long because

you'll never leave the house and you'll

be miserable and life won't be good I

think you know mums of young babies you

got to try to maintain a normal life

schedule you got to get out you got to

enjoy yourself you got to connect with

your friends and family you got to get

stuff done you know what I mean so I

think it's completely normal to have him

sleep on the go for several naps a day

more than likely I think this is a good

place to start to get your little guy

your two month old napping longer and

sleeping well at night so I heard the

peace out