911 Operators, First Responders in Hot Seat for Bad Behavior

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our lives are in their hands when we

most need help and almost every time

they do their utmost to save us but what

happens when first responders don't

respond Jim Avila with the incredible

story they are supposed to be and most

of the time are our lifelines the people

who when we are in danger

literally answer the call just like

Halle Berry in the Hollywood movie the

call now on emergency but what if we are

in trouble and they are sleeping like

the 911 Miami Florida who is taking the

snooze in the dispatch center and her

colleagues also fast asleep the Police

Department says they were officially on

break but what about this dispatcher in

rockville maryland so tired he's

actually caught on tape

snoring could you send me some emilie's

or anything right now

sleeping clearly not okay what about

dancing like this EMT who was driving

his ambulance home at the time

reprimanded for his hands off the wheel

seat dance to Rihanna's pour it up the

singer tweeted the paramedic guy just

reminded me why God sent me here that

sent the video into the Twitterverse

stratosphere all kind of funny

but unfortunately sometimes when first

responders are instead worst responders

there can be tragic not funny at all

results what 13:09 role and an avenue

outside in the parking lot here is where

that call came from Meldrick Mills a

Washington DC parks employee for nearly

five decades taking his daughter Murray

to the computer store to buy a laptop

but this happy soldier turned into a 911

when Meldrick suffered a heart attack

you're walking out of the computer story

yes he's right around here right around

here and he kind of falls next to the

falls next to the car yes if you're

going to suffer a heart attack that

appeared Meldrick Mills

I picked a pretty good spot to do it

first of all his daughter was close by

and then luck of all luck right across

the street engine house 26 of the

Washington DC fire department but as the

seconds tick by that firehouse remain

strangely quiet the fire department of

course is true yeah we understand that

very I have run away again what's going

on in the fire house filled with

life-saving equipment is hard to fathom

and impossible to explain because

although there are five firefighters

inside none comes across the street to


in fact the lieutenant in charge instead

of immediately getting out of her bunk

asked for the exact address

we're metric was dying not 100 yards

away another firefighter came outside

but did nothing more than gaze at the

chaos across the street you're actually

going like this I'm waving my arms

because I know I just know that he's

seeing me because he's standing with his

arms folded look in this direction and

to her horror he turned around and went

back inside so how long would it take

for emergency personnel to get from here

the firehouse to there the parking lot

where Meldrick Mills was dying of a

heart attack it took me less than 30

seconds to cross that Street on foot but

in the day poor Meldrick lay here a full

11 minutes after the first call

paramedics had still not arrived but as

bad as that was on this terrible day

there was a second critical error the

ambulance that was dispatched was

initially sent to the wrong address so

where were the paramedics let's take a


it turns out they've been sent to the

wrong side of town two and a half miles

away from where Meldrick Mills collapsed

a day of bought signals and no excuse in


the Washington DC Fire Department won't

even try to justify when someone knocks

on the door and says there's an incident

across the street they should have

responded immediately does it bother you

that one of them actually went back to

the bunks and was studying yes that was

even more horrendous the lieutenant who

wouldn't initially leave her bunk

retired with full pension the most

anyone else got was a 60-hour suspension

that's right

60 hours you so upset I won't hang up

there is no doubt first responders have

stressful jobs they get hammered with

ridiculous calls super-sized complaints

about the price of a burger okay what's

going on there I was a child

okay ten dollars and these guys gave me

one burger in a five okay this is not a

police matter robbed for my money

the 911 operator wasn't loving that I'd

say the vast majority of them are not

technically emergencies probably 75% a

steady diet of silly calls and other

people's genuine trauma forced former

911 fu it to quit he says after only

four and a half years on the job still

he says there's no excuse for what

happened in Nashville Tennessee during

this call for help from a woman being

threatened by a knife wielding boyfriend

God wait for it alright I'm good

nine-one-one are trained to be the

responsible party during an emergency

but sometimes they're not so what can

you do in Tampa Florida

this mom calls 911 locking her toddler

in the car during the heat wave hi I'm

sorry insisted on it rocking the car in

the parking lot

cops on the way right no the dispatcher

somehow needed to hear more distress

they won't be able to it to try he came

back to the car kind of distress the

toddler finally rescued by a motorist

who took on wrench to the window the

baby's okay the dispatcher is now in the

hot seat the dispatcher absolutely made

a mistake this is not the way we do

business in Michigan this 9-1-1 operator

suspended for two weeks without pay

teaches us that no matter how long you

have to wait for an ambulance don't


this desperate daughter did while

watching her father's brain seizure get

the beeps ready 9-1-1 I never I mean

able to time hard work well okay first

of all you don't need to swear over


okay and slow down ambulance but the

dispatcher had already hung up on so she

called a second time and still 911 to

send help I won one are you gonna give

me an ambulance are you gonna swear

again you stupid

I began oh no you're not gonna work the

burnout rate for dispatchers is

typically three years most people don't

make it beyond that

and finally this tongue-in-cheek insight

from our insider the next time when 911

order have your emergency Monday morning

because by Friday the stress has reached

epic proportions for dispatchers it was

just almost unbearable stress what you

have to do is kind of compartmentalize

your frustration and your anger because

nobody calls you on the best day of

their life great Thank You 9-1-1 for

Murray Mills who lost her dad she has no

advice just a simple request for the

first responders who did not live up to

their name just do what you were trained

to do which you are supposed to do just

do your job

just incredible waving to those first

responders across the street not getting

help tweet us use the hashtag ABC 20/20

if something like this has ever happened

to you and up next here if someone at

work says I'm just exhausted wait until

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