Tips on Reading to Kids

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hi I'm Heather burrows and one of the

University of Michigan pediatricians and

I'm going to talk to you today about

something that is really important to me

and that's reading to children it's

really one of the most important things

you can do for their cognitive and

language development and a real gift

that you can give both yourself and then

to spend that time with books together

that may be sitting middle of the

kitchen floor it may be sitting in your

living room may be sitting outside and

enjoying some sunshine as well really

just matters they spend a little bit of

time where you miss your kids we develop

some habits that are really going to

carry them on to be successful for the

rest of their life when you sit down to

read with your kid the first thing I

want you to do take your phone turn it

off and put it away because this is

really a time for you to spend some

special time with your child as you read

with older kids they're going to want to

pick out the book to say read and

sometimes it's going to be a topic that

they're interested in something new that

they want to explore sometimes it's

going to be the same book they may want

to read that same book over and over and

over and over and over again until

you're kind of tired of reading it but

that's okay reading those books that are

familiar to them really helps them learn

what to expect on the next page how do

you predict the next word in the phrase

how do you read the picture and

understand what the words are and that's

really how they learn to start reading

and so when they read books over and

over again that are comfortable and

familiar to them but it can be kind of

boring for you but it's really important

for kids it's also fun to look at

pictures and books and try to explore

them you don't have to read the boards

that are on the page you can explore the

book in a really fun way without ever

reading any piece of it that can be

really helpful for families for whom

reading English may not be part of their

skill set either they speak another

language or they don't matter read it

doesn't mean that you can't enjoy

spending time with folks with your kids

the other thing that's really important

is that you have books around the house

if your child sees you enjoying books

and having them as part of your life

there's a pretty good chance that your

child is going to find them something

that's going to be important for them as


I hope that you find time every day to

spend a little bit of reading time with

your kid especially during the summer