Sleep Training | Getting my 9 month old to sleep through the night.

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hey guys it's Amanda and I have got care

for another video and this one is what I

said in my last video is I'm gonna talk

about sleep training and how I got my 10

month old to sleep there tonight

completely so I will give you reference

on what we were doing before and what we

are doing now so for sleep training I

started when ever since he was in

newborn I need some coffee

so ever since he was a newborn he cocoa

slept with Alex and I so here just look

next twist he would wake up and I would

feed ma go back to sleep and he was okay

but around seven eight months we would

started to become a lot and I don't

exactly know what happened but he was

waking up every two to three hours to

eat which was crazy to me because you

did that when it was a new morning he

definitely is not a newborn and I

remember one night I was he woke up for

like the sixth or seventh time to eat in

our bed and I was just like I'm done I I

can't do this anymore it was like four

o'clock in the morning I was like I

can't do this anymore

so at like 4 o'clock in the morning I

went into his room well I took him into

his room cuz yes room yes a little bit I

was like all right you're gonna go into

your bed you can go sleep I nursed him

he did not fall asleep I came in his

crib and I just put him in there and I

was just I was done if we're being

honest I was exhausted I was tired I'm

like I'm done I just like that his

career took him like 20 minutes of

yelling and he went back to sleep so

that was the first night and then I

started give you a little bit more

research on it so I will tell you that

so after that whole thing I didn't even

fall back asleep because I was just I

don't know mama guilt and he felt that

because he wasn't falling asleep and the

cute man like he was so sad that he had

to go to sleep without me

so I did a lot of googling a lot of

Gokula research and I found that I

should do some sleep training so that is

what we did and what I did it's

different than I what everyone else but

what I learned is that my son had a

sleep problem over sleep props these

things right here these pinkies mm-hmm

and he would take a pacifier I would

feed him I put a pacifier in his mouth

and then he would go to sleep most of

the time

how he went to sleep was this past part

and I didn't even think about it because

he would wake up and I just put it back

in his mouth and he thought fall back to

sleep some of the time so I learned that

we have a sleep problem whether it be

breastfeeding Casa fire being rocked and

I found out that it was faster I had no

idea that he would not be able to sleep

because his task fire and pretty much

from all my research Google whatever I

found did that he would wake up and he

knew how to take his pacifier in and out

but he wouldn't put back hands down and

that would make him wake up because he

was used to it and make him really wake

up so he couldn't go back to sleep he

couldn't sell sue them back to sleep so

I took away the pass back and I made a

few mistakes which I will talk about but

the first few nights were very very

difficult he all he wanted was that

pacifier and you're so tempted to this

nurse Allah and hold them and he shut it

but I was bad and I decided to just hold

it Rock him sing him to sleep

another thing I shared that I did all

the Google research why the hell did I

not I knew that rocking is another way

to get him asleep

eventually every night he did fall

asleep with rocking and he slept eight

hours straight with hallelujah but he

would wake up again so you Abed he goes

to bed at about 9:00 and he would wake

up at 2 3 4 ish all depending on the

night and wake up be super wake did not

lie go back to sleep

it's not ok with me supposed to get 11

12 hours of sleep tonight and he

wouldn't go back to sleep and that's

because you're rocking it in his sleep

and sometimes he would wake up even


that and not go back to sleep

so cut everything out there's a whole

bunch of different methods that you can

do there's like the pickup put down

there such cry it out there's a whole

different I tried every single one and I

tried picking them up when he was crying

super loud then put him back down as

soon as that do not work for him he was

not me that did not work them I tried

staying in the room while he cried out

that did not work and every baby is

different and it all just depends and it

took me a while to figure out that he

just needed to be alone in this room

with some stuffed animals stuffed

animals he really likes cuz he wants to

hold them and hug them and be around

them and then he to see their faces any

kind of reminds him of me so that's what

we did and it took a while but we did

the cried out method and he's still he

gets mad when it come down but it takes

him about five ten minutes go to sleep

any he goes to sleep

big thank you now sleeps but nine months

of this I would take the pass for sooner

if I knew that he that's why he wasn't

sleeping as well as he was but now he

sleeps eight hours straight which I

consider goodnight he wakes up one time

and I take him back into her bed and we

just kind of cut a which that's just

because I like to do that when he's

sleeping so much better so I'm very very

very thankful for that and I I know when

he was little the whole babies and that

gave him a pacifier I was against him

when he was little but I gave it to her

because he was colicky and I was the

only thing that could sue them so I mean

it all depends on the kid just you gotta

try it out but I definitely did not know

that the pacifier was asleep crop

and he never fall asleep on the boob

like ever so I knew it wasn't that be

live and you learn and we're all moms we

all make mistakes and I don't even know

if it was a mistake it was just

something I learned and if I ever have

another baby

I fast fire because it was really really

really hard to get him to go back to see

and now he's like find stomach which I

think helps a lot too I don't know

he's been rolling around for a long long

time but sleeping on his belly

definitely helps him sleep longer as

well but I think I covered it all so if

you have any questions leave them down

below and I won't talk to you guys the

next video bye guys