How to teach your baby to crawl

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hello today's video is about crawling

and about teaching your baby how to

crawl now we all know that babies Mohsen

will crawl eventually what age do babies

cruel babies you should crawl between

seven months and about nine to ten

months of age it's important that

development is sequential as I've

mentioned before so development needs to

move on from tummy time - rolling over

to around four months and then sitting

on supported rolling over the other way

and then eventually onto crawling and

this prepares them to be able to stand

up I've been able to control that upper

body strength crawling is important for

lots of reasons which is important for

learning how to do sport because then

you have upper body strength it's about

catching the ball it's about school work

it's about holding a pencil and be able

to use a computer and use your keypad so

crawling simple for lots of reasons and

this little video today shows you some

of the techniques and the steps to

crawling was set up with Jackson who

commando crawls then I move on to Billy

and summer and they demonstrate how to

move on with crawling and then we move

on to show in Millie and she perfects

the crawl and then we look at Rosalie

I'm using stairs to help bring those

knees up into proper crawling so sit

back and enjoy the video and crawling

Pastis Jackson

and there is Jackson

Wow yeah into kneeling position but

you're waving at the camera

hey yeah we're supposed to do I'm gonna

show you another position to put into so

uniform unique that's right do now is

look against you yep good girl


good girl Vili arms forward

yeah well dance sweeping thumb up and


yeah sweetie hey you girl beautiful

upper body strength really good you

actually a great position in there yeah

should just get tired and then put a

face yeah that's okay she's exposed to

it that'll do cuz I'm gonna show the



well done come on next step Rosalie on

the step yeah yeah Bruce Lee