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hi friends you all must be wondering

that why do we have to study math at all

let's have a look at few of these

instances all of these may look very

regular images but there is one major

thing connecting all of them can you

think of what well

it's mathematics for designing such big

roller coasters all the algebra comes

from polynomials for designing such big

bridges you need concepts from geometry

like isosceles and equilateral triangles

and there's immense mathematics involved

when you do a lot of little life things

like calculating the time to reach

school on time rechecking the amounts

after discount and receiving proper

change calculating the amount in your

piggy bank and many more math can be

really fun and interesting topic if and

if you start relating it with real life

and make use of it every day ever

wondered that why in kindergarten we

start with alphabets and numbers because

these are the two most important

languages to communicate math helps in

sharpening the mind helps you to stay

focused making calculations easy helps

in making the right decisions etc but

why do people feel mad this difficult

subject one of the major reasons is that

still Bristol understand mapped properly

math is an abstract subject students

cannot visualize it properly in order to

solve any math question students need to

picture it properly this lack of

visualization is one of the reasons why

students are afraid of math then there

is a lack of interest or not taught in

an interesting manner well let's see

what tips can help you to study math in

an interesting way

that you can enjoy the subject and learn

it for life

the first tip is try to understand

everything logically instead of mugging

it as said before math is an abstract

subject you need to visualize it

properly to understand it hence you

should never mug up anything whether it

may be math or not try to understand the

concept thoroughly related to real life

and then try to also apply them in real

life by solving questions also read and

understand what exactly you need don't

rush yourself in finding the answer has

read the question at least two to three

times before proceeding while studying

theorems understand the statement of the

theorem first extract what is given and

what needs to be proved then understand

all these steps that need to be followed

and also all the reasons in few cases

where there is construction crack the

logic for the construction to master all

the key concepts in chapter and this

will really help you to score the

maximum marks on your exams the next

will be interval 8 all the topics that

you studied now on the topics that you

study in math are somewhere related to

each other all the basic theorems and

concepts remain the same in mathematics

and the entire math is based on these

concepts only now many of the basics of

triangles are also used in trigonometry

to try to find these inter relations

this will help you to understand the

concepts in a way better manner

try to understand math in your language

every student has a different approach

to understand mathematics find your own

way to approach math then eventually you

will understand it in a better way

like for example in linear equations

there are variety of word problems you

are you need to understand how to

convert these English statements in

mathematical equations for this you can

make a mathematical dictionary which can

be helpful for you to go through the

fourth one will be study in groups and

play math based games there might be

topics that you understand better and

few different topics that your friend

may understand better help each other in

studying the topics that you guys are

good at then you study in groups you

will develop a habit of self learning

and if you get stuck somewhere and need

help then you can take the help of

e-learning videos which are available

online you can watch our variety of

videos based on concepts problem-solving

common math mistakes math puzzles etc

and when it comes to math puzzles try to

understand the logic behind the puzzle

this can help you to become a master in

math puzzles and these also acts an

exercise to your brain you can try to

make some board games by your own which

can be based on math or you can modify

some of your normal boot games with some

mathematical twists maintain a separate

book and formula list well this is a

very common thing maintain a separate

book format it'll be easier for you to

find where you have left while studying

math whichever formula you feel are

important jot them down and make a chart

this will be really helpful and useful

for you to go through them all at once

during any test or exam well here we

have come up with the chart book 4

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number six each problem has one solution

but there can be many ways to reach that

solution solve every problem in such a

way that you are completely thorough

with it and understand it in every

manner so that if the same question is

presented in any other twisted way still

you will be able to answer it now what

are the most important steps to reach to

an answer is understanding the question

properly the answer is always it is

somewhere in the question please read

through your question thoroughly till

you understand it perfectly don't get

pairing with the length of the question

even before reading it well the second

last tip is practice as much as you can

and solve as many different types of

problems you can math is not a

theoretical subject so practicing math

is really very important and the last

one is review all your errors if you get

stuck anywhere or realize that you have

made a mistake

take some time to understand that why

you made that mistake review your errors

and make sure you do not repeat them

also understand your doubts this will

help you in understanding math in a

better way I hope this video was helpful

and will make math a little easier to

study if you guys have any doubt or any

more such amazing tips do comment below

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