Self-Driven 12 Year Old Is A Maths Genius | Child Genius

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mark has set his sights on the charge in

his title to make a point about

parenting I want to take part because I

want to prove that you don't need to

have pushy parents or be pushed to win a

competition it is important to more than

as a person to do this which therefore

makes it important to us I want to

shuttle forward get 100% and be able to

retain my glory

hey mom are you happy with the rules

yep some gave your time will start as

soon as I start my first question hey

are you ready to play when I read my

school report maths was absolutely

fantastic it was above all else so I

would just say that mathematics is

generally my strongest point what comes


one three five fifteen seventeen fifty

one yeah apparently all done

three thousand two hundred and thirty

five - five hundred and fifty eight

equals two thousand six hundred Simson

correct 4890 plus nine hundred and

twenty-two equals 4812 - right do you

find it hard to keep up with mom yes

it's very hard to keep up with him it's

just bang bang bang all time and his

skill to learn things like that it is

just absolutely amazing

19-point straight direct 210 threat

2,600 since um correct

pen down please after acing the written

maths mark now faces mental arithmetic

calculate the following multiplied 11 by

4 subtract 16 and finally multiplied by

384 correct add the following 28 plus 41

plus 97 plus 24 plus 54 plus 18 equals

162 is the right answer more food well

played at the end of it round you scored

11 points mobs impressive score has set

the bar high for the rest of the

competitors blimey

a liar will follow a regime designed by

her parents which includes especially

controlled diet to feed her brain what

do you sing every day it's very hard to

function optimally if you don't have the

right nutrition and it's a lot easier to