5 Easy Home Remedies for Bedwetting Solutions for Child | How to Stop Bedwetting Nocturnal Enuresis

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hello friends this is dr. Amol and

Nagata let us learn how to treat the

habit of bedwetting in children without

taking any medicine in a very simple way

and with simple home remedies try to

understand the first thing that

bedwetting does not require any

treatment up two fires of age and it is

considered absolutely normal up to five

years of age but still you can try all

these remedies even if your child is

betting wet and he is less than five

years we define bedwetting as a child

who is more than five years and who is

wetting the bed twice in a week

consecutively for three months so if

your child is more than five years and

he is wetting the bed twice in a week

consecutively for three months

definitely he needs treatment and you

can try this simple ways and there are

very high chances that he will get cured

of this habit of bedwetting the first

and simple ways limit the pee and coffee

intake of your child after 6:00 p.m.

also limit the water intake of child up

to 250 ml after 6 p.m. make your child

learn the technique of double voiding

before he go to bed normally we make our

child pass urine before he goes to bed

but now you need to learn this new

technique double voiding

what is double voiding when the child

passes urine and comes out of the

washroom make him go again into the

washroom and pass urine he will be

astonished that he will pass the same

amount of urine that he passed for the

first time because many a times the

bladder capacity of this children

reduces and they don't pass enough urine

when they pass urine for the first time

and the residual you read the amount of

urine that remains in the bladder

after first passage of urine is more in

this children so this double wedding

will definitely reduce the habit of

bedwetting next simple way to get rid of

this habit is make a positive resolution

before going to bed tell your child to

make a positive resolution and just

say to him 10 times or write 10 times

that today's night is a dry night

don't make him say that I will not wet

the bed today

make him say it in a positive way and in

present tense I think this is a very

effective way and this will make the

approach of the child and the parent

positive towards the habit of bedwetting

the next step is awaken the child to

ours after he sleeps to pass urine many

a times in our home we sleep 2 to 4

hours after our child so when we go to

sleep awaken the child take him to the

washroom and make him pass urine this is

this might sound little difficult to you

but this will help a lot and reducing

the habit of bedwetting

lastly I'll teach a very simple and very

effective very well-researched way to

prevent bedwetting and that is a star

technique it's a very simple technique

take a calendar and make the child mark

a star for every dry night the next


give him a sketch pin and commit a

separate calendar and tell him that just

mark a star when you are not wetting the

bed and when the night is a dry night at

the end of the month count the stars and

fix up a reward for the number of stars

like there can be a place that like

there can be a place where you want to

go so if there are 15 stars you will

take him to the place at the end of the

year if there are like 40 stars 70 stars

whatever you will give him a bicycle or

something that he is in need of mind you

that don't commit harmful rewards like

chocolates or video games so be very

cautious when you are committing rewards

for this number of stars very important

thing be very positive about the problem

don't scold the child about this problem

in the morning or at other times don't

discuss this problem with him repeatedly

or don't even discuss this problem with

the relatives or with the parrot with


members in front of him in a negative

way don't scold him in the morning while

you are changing his clothes or the

bedsheet you yourself--all so don't get

annoyed about this and involve him in

such activities like changing the

bedsheet in the morning and changing his

clothes and all these things try this

for around six months very consistently

and religiously and definitely you will

get some result out of it if you are not

getting result out of these simple home

remedies then contact your pediatrician

because there are also some good drugs

or alarms that are available for

treating bedwetting most important till

last but not least be patient and have

patience I haven't seen any child in my

entire practice who never got cured of

his habit of bedwetting so sooner or

later this habit is going to go off so

just have patience be very positive like

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