How To Stop Bed Wetting

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hey all is Colin from Kip to save calm

and today I am discussing a very

interesting topic that I normally will

don't really talk about but I feel like

it's one of those topics that needs to

be discussed as I know a lot of readers

probably a lot of you are probably

struggling with this as well as friends

and family that you may know but the

topic is bedwetting and I'm not talking

about bedwetting with a four year olds

or three year old I'm talking about

bedwetting with older kids so did you

know that five to seven million kids wet

the bed regularly and ten percent of

seven year olds are still wetting the

bed regularly five percent of ten year

olds or so wetting the bed so what's at

issue I mean it's happening to a lot of

kids so the child of mine who had the

hardest time with bedwetting was such a

deep sleeper

I'm talking about deep I mean I would

vacuum by his head he would wake up so I

assumed you know that was the issue and

as he got older he would broaden it and

that's it happens he got older he didn't

Rob it so then I was like okay maybe I

need to stop him from drinking so much

water at night

and I did that and I just went on and on

into all these things and it was just

frustrating because I didn't know how to

help him and I knew it wasn't his fault

and he's asleep I mean I don't so it's

such a difficult topic it's such a hard

thing to deal with if you have a kid

struggling because they're really

there's not a lot you can do um and uh

approval note the one thing that I did

that wasn't very cruel is I was

constantly going from pull ups and good

nights and I mean it was just like so

many every single night um my son would

actually he through the good night so it

doesn't matter who was drinking water at

night I don't know what it was but

somehow his urine was saved up because I


he would go through a good night and

like pee the bed around to the good

night I mean it was that much urine and

so we were constantly changing his bed

washing his sheets I mean there's just a

lot of work that goes into it when you

have a older kid bedwetting and so

that's kind of what made me passionate

about doing this video state so I know a

lot of you out there struggling with

this and I know it's not a topic that

people talk about I mean you don't sit

there with your neighbor and go does

your sound like that to you can you can

you give me a chance on that it just

doesn't happen so if you watched my

previous videos you know I talked about

anything I talked about cold sores and

all that good stuff so of course I have

to talk about that way okay so I wanted

to tell you guys how I solved this

problem and I'm so excited it is so

crazy to see someone who has struggled

so long not struggling anymore and you

can just I can just see in my son's eyes

if you so excited if you love the

students sleepovers now it seriously is

the best feeling to see someone

struggling with an issue solve it and

not have any more and that's what I've

done so I I just have to do a venue to

show you guys and give you tips so that

if you have a kid with this type of

issue you can potentially solve it quite

quickly too okay so the things you need

really simple you need good night bed

mats now you don't necessarily have to

get the good night brand there's other

bed notes out there I like this fram's I

tried the other ones that they were less

expensive but this brain sticks to the

bed so I'm going to actually show you

guys that so you can see

so all I'm doing is laying up the bed

mat and you can lay it out this is long

ways you can do it fat ways really it's

the preference of how your child sleeps

and on each corner you just peel this

off and this is key to why I like them

because they won't move around and some

of the other ones do and then they move

around and the bed gets wet so this this

kind of cuts down on having to wash all

the sheets in the mattress pad next

thing you want to do is you've got to

set up the baby monitor so you're going

to have baby father shot here and then a

day you monitor in your room and then

finally you need a vibrating pea device

now there's lots of different brands out

there you can basically put like

bedwetting alarm is what they're called

I'm just calling it vibrating pea device

because that's basically what it does

this brand is really highly rated and

this is what I use with my son it's

malim and you can go on Amazon alright

so basically now I'm going to show you

guys how to use this device you're going

to attach this bigger part on their

upper body in their pajamas which I'm

sure it whatever and then the lower part

you're going to attach to their


oops were they urinate so that once this

machine since its moisture it will go

off so I'm just going to give you guys a

little bit of an example I'm going to

pour a teeny bit of moisture you know

water on this and then that's what it

does so when it's vibrating here it is

really loud I know what you have to do

after is you're going to

and you got it right to try and get all

the moisture so what is so crazy about

this is that my child my deep sleeper

did not wake up and I'm telling you this

because I do not want you to be

discouraged because that's how I was I

said oh he's not waking up to this

device okay this is another thing that's

just not going to work and I was dead

wrong because you have to have patience

that's the key to this is you have to

have a lot of patience it could take two

weeks or it could take up to three

months to work and so this is the deal

I'm going to explain to you the scenario

of each night when you begin so every

day your kid goes to sleep on his bed

mat he puts on his machine you will have

the baby monitor so that way if you're

like me and your kid does not wake up to

the Machine well you're going to hear it

on the baby monitor it's going to be

like a very loud alarm when it goes off

I need to instantly get out of your bed

get over your child's bed wake them up

and that was hard at first because I

know I sound was half awake but we made

him go to bathroom and it was just a

little teeny tiny just urine drop at

least he was going and titted just like

getting that motion of going to the

bathroom and then we lay it back down

put in my new underwear and that's the

other key is that a lot of parents still

do pull-ups while doing this alarm know

they need to sense that they're soaking

wet so the underwear is key and that's

why we do the bed mat put in rack in bed

with the alarm all dried off make sure

it's very dry because it's very

sensitive to that moisture and attached

it again then it may go off again when

we began the first three days I got it

three times in the night

midnight 3 a.m. 5 a.m. and he didn't

wake up in any of them so please don't

be discouraged so this along for you

know 1 to 2 weeks maybe until they start

getting up on their own at about the 2

week mark for my son because he was a

lot older he finally started getting up

on his own and sensing the moisture so

his alarm would still go off but then

he'd get up and go pee which was a huge

success for us because I mean he had

ever gotten up before to ever pee so to

get up even if he appealed a little and

go pee was amazing then from then on out

is starting any better and better and

then there'd be a few nights where he'd

be completely dry at night which was

insane and then finally he was dry

consistently for two weeks where he

never got out or if he did he got up to

pee on his own the alarm never went off

and basically an instruction manual for

this it says after two weeks day you can

take it off of them and then if they do

have a relapse then you put it back on

and wait another two weeks so basically

the success story is that ever since the

two weeks are up my hut sounds on one

accident I would say it's so worth

investing whatever use it's definitely

not frugal but when you add up the cost

that you're going to pay for pampers and

pull-ups and you know good nights

whatever you use every single night the

cost if the laundry detergent you're

going to use from washing all the sheets

the time that it takes it's a lot more

than investing in one of these and so

I'll put up a link to this on the site

and yeah you'll have to check it out but

let me know your thoughts if you guys

have any great ideas for bedwetting that

maybe I haven't covered or that might

work just as well please let us know

because I'd love to hear and um anyway I

hope this video is kind of interesting

and new it's not minerals

it's definitely something I'm passionate

about because to see how happy my son is

now after hugging lives that just dealt

with that issue for years it's just it's

really rewarding to see it so anyway

I'll see you guys next time