Mayo Clinic Minute: 3 tips for kids to get better sleep

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the right amount of sleep for your kids

is important Mayo Clinic pediatric

neurologist and sleep specialist dr.

Suresh Kota gone

Everage kids in their early school years

need nine to nine and a half hours of

good sleep by the time they're teenagers

they need just seven to eight and if

they don't get enough sleep at night one

of the things that happens is the stress

hormone steroids go up in the body they

what are they cause weight gain dr. ko

de Gaulle has three easy tips for kids

to get a good night's sleep I think it

was more to have a relatively fixed

morning wake-up time if teens have to

wake up by 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning

on school days don't let them sleep in

until noon on weekends children should

avoid napping in the day when kids

especially teens nap during the day

they're borrowing from night sleep and

may experience difficulty staying asleep

at night exercise is an amazing tonic

for sleep it improves daytime

cardiovascular function raises body

temperature and improves the sense of

well-being that children need for the

Mayo Clinic News Network I'm Jason Allen