How to Pay Attention in Class & School [How to Focus With ADHD & ADD] Concentrate, & Improve Memory

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what's going on my name is Luis angel

you're watching a mind memory

I am your memory mi coche remember that

so I'm pretty sure you've been into a

situation maybe in a classroom or maybe

in a job setting where you're about to

learn something new and you're just like

this is hard this is difficult I don't

know if I'll be able to learn this right

so that's actually if you keep saying

that in your mind that's pretty much

like say well met like your mind right

here and it it wants to receive new

information in waffler

every time you say this is hard I don't

think I'm gonna be able to do this maybe

it's easy for you but I'm just dumb you

start putting all these labels on

yourself I got in I'm dumb I'm not that

smart so on and so forth Hey every time

you say those negative words it's like

just building up a wall and every new

negative word is like putting an extra

layer on that wall on that brick wall on

that brick wall and new informations

trying to get in but it's budding

against a brick wall of negative

thoughts negative ideas negative

neighbors that you're placing on

yourself so what you want to do is tear

down that wall so you can allow new

information to easily penetrating your

flow into your mind so instead of seeing

those negative things say positive

things here's how when you're about to

learn something let's here in the

classroom and you're about to learn to

say chemistry right or physics instead

of being like man all these math

formulas all these different ideas

Newton's laws with all this be like you

know what it's pretty easy you know what

I'm smart you know what I'm a genius you

know what you know start building

yourself up start building more

confidence in yourself that you can

absorb that information and that's how

you tear down that wall so that that new

information can easily be absorbed I'm

not saying it's still not difficult I'm

not saying that it's not going to be a

challenge but what I'm saying is if you

want to make it easier for you to absorb

that information every time you say a

negative word negative phrase which is

making it much more of a challenge to

take in that and that knowledge right so

just make it easy make it make that

challenge make that you know that

difficult learning experience a little

bit easier of a flow right by just

saying more positive and more confident

ideas cricket example this is I just

take engineering classes because I want

it that's something I wanted to do right

I want to head into that route of

engineering now I want to study the

brain count

and cognitive psychology things that

nature so I was saying some engineering

classes then you know worried about say

current DC AC electricity all that stuff

it is kind of challenging at first and

there's a lot of other students there

and a lot of students struggle with

grasping these ideas that for me it it

seemed pretty easy and I will seem like

why is it so easy for me it's because of

the fact that I would be saying this is

easy you know I can learn this you know

I've done more difficult things in the

passages you know this is pretty easy

even if it was a little challenging I

was still saying you know I can do this

I can learn this I'm pretty smart I know

I can absorb this information and when I

was there listening to the teacher I

would take a lot of notes right will see

my classmates over like messing around

tapping you know tapping a pencil on the

desk just being like daydreaming because

they they automatically put up that wall

right they put up that wall that this

was difficult for them so what I did I

instantly tore down the wall for myself

and I started telling them as well

listen just say it's easy even if it's

not even if you don't totally believe it

right just say that it's easy I'm pretty

sure you absorb more of that information

somebody started doing it like you know

what this is pretty easy you know this

is you know I can learn this information

right sort of be more confident in

itself well now your mind your brain to

condition yourself to start saying

things like I am confident I am smart I

can learn anything that I want to learn

put positive labels on yourself instead

of saying I'm stupid

you know I'm I can't learn

anything flip the switch and say the

opposite say positive empowering things

put positive labels on yourself so

that's it for right now

you're smart you're genius you can learn

anything you want to learn make sure to

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