How To Night Wean Your 8 Month Old Baby

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so Marina says I have an 8 month old

baby and I would really like her to

sleep all night she wakes up two to five

times a night and she falls asleep

straight after I'm breastfeeding her for

about ten minutes she goes to sleep

about 7:30 p.m. and she wakes up 6:30 to

7:00 p.m. and she falls asleep for the

night on her own

well done look at that just what we were

talking about she naps with my help she

eat solids during the day what's the

best way to stop with the night feeds

and how long does it usually take the

first place that I would refer you to

Marina is on my website and its called

weaning night feedings this guide walks

you through when your baby is ready to

reduce or stop night feedings and then

walks you through exactly how you can do

it and you see nine to twelve months old

it says the overwhelming majority of

babies that are nine to twelve month old

can be nightwing and this comes with a

big you know asterisk the big disclaimer

obviously your baby needs to have been

full-term and your baby's eating and

growing as per normal you're completely

happy with your baby's growth your

baby's doctor is really pleased with her

weight gain and her growth and there's

no feeding issues no growth issues

assuming all of that is true then this

is who this guide is for for babies that

are eating three to five times a night I

really advise against going cold turkey

and tonight just saying that's it you're

not getting any feeds for a few reasons

I mean one because it's pretty drastic

and they're not used to that and at ten

months they wouldn't really wouldn't

really understand you know you're not

gonna get fed tonight when you wake

instead you're gonna get below a law

like I recommend it for the two-year-old

they don't really understand that so

what I would do if she was eating three

to five times a night I'd wean her down

to probably two night feeds for several

days and then I wean her down to one for

a few days and then on weaner

completely off so it could it up taking

seven or so days to wean her off it's

more gradual which again is it's a

gentler method for her gives her time to

adopt but also for her body in her

stomach because even if her feeds are

short if she's eating up to five times a

night that's a significant amount of

milk and she needs time for that to

shift and for her body to realize

I'm gonna get fed lesson right so

therefore I need to eat more during the

day so it kind of helps that that shift

happen more naturally so if your little

one is bottle feeding it can be a little

bit easier to reduce the amount of feed

obviously because if she takes 6 ounces

per feed then what you would do is on

night 1 you would reduce it down to 5

ounces and then on night 2 to 4 ounces

and then I'm not great at 3 ounces and

so on and the guide walks you through

that if your little ones breastfeeding

you know often you'll read

recommendations of oh just take them off

the breast a bit earlier and you know

get them back down and that's really

tough here breastfeeding mom if you're a

babe feeds for 10 minutes and suddenly

you're trying to take them off at 7

minutes and then 5 minutes and then - a

lot of babies just don't accept that and

it can be quite hard and maybe you're

let downs just come so instead what I

recommend for breastfeeding moms is to

decide now decide during the day how

long you're gonna let your baby go at

the night during the night without

feeding and then just stick to that so

maybe you'll start with 3 hour gaps

between feeds then you move up to 4

hours then you move up to five hour gaps

and just kind of work with it that way

that can be a lot easier for

breastfeeding moms and another guide

that I have which I will link to under

the video is also called teach your baby

to sleep here the night so as you're

winning down on her night feeds and

slowly you know weaning her off of them

you want to make sure that she doesn't

continue waking out of habit even though

she's not going to get fed she may just

continue waking because she's used to it

so this guide will walk you through how

you can slowly teach your baby to sleep

longer and longer at night and

eventually through the night it's quite

a lot of tips and these are quite

detailed guides so it's probably best if

you guys just go through them and read

them on your own I've also added videos

to them which you'll see so you've got a

video step by step guide and then you've

got the written and some infographics

and stuff it's pretty simple it's not

too overwhelming but you guys can check

those out and let me know if you have

any questions