8-Month-Old Baby - What to Expect

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- Welcome to the eighth month

and the start of what could best be described

as the Age of Discovery for babies.

Your little one has already learned tons, of course.

But it's in the months to come

that she becomes more active in learning,

seeking answers to the mysteries of the world around her:

What's inside that cabinet?

Exploring with a purpose:

My favorite book is here somewhere.

And beginning to make sense out of cause and effect:

I drop my toy, it falls on the floor,

and Mommy or Daddy picks it up

and hands it back to me, over and over again.

But baby's not just boning up on brain-power;

he's discovered his funny bone,

and it's ripe for the tickling.

Baby's budding sense of humor has you laughing out loud,

and playing for laughs.

Happily, it doesn't take much funny business