Social Skills for Kids: How to help your child socialize!

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hi I'm dr. Marci from behavior and

beyond where i bring you realistic ideas

for the real-life behavior that you face

and as you may know once a month i do a

dr. Marci ask me anything where people

just like you big beings with questions

about behavior send in their questions

and I answer them maintaining your

confidentiality because I know how

important that could be this month I

have a question from a parent and it

states my almost five-year-old daughter

is super social with adults but finds it

difficult to play with other kids what

should we do I think this is a great

question it's short and sweet and simple

but a lot of information in there so the

first thing that I'd like to point out

and talk about is why is this happening

why might your small being want to talk

to adults more than kiddos the answer

might be more simple than you expect

adults are predictable there are certain

things that we will always do for our

small being right we want to understand

them we want to help them we want to get

along will often let a small be and go

first will often rig a game to let them

win we're kind and understanding and

compassionate and let our small beings

lead often so when we're playing with

them big beings can be super fun because

small beings can get what they want

kiddos other friends are unpredictable

they sometimes want to play something

different or have their own way or they

want to go first so it's harder to get

along with them so just knowing that

you're small being is doing this because

you're easier to get along with them

Pierce gives you a lot of information

and lets you know better ways to change

the behavior to make her get along with

small beings better we're going to do

that in three simple ways first don't be

such a good adult right think about it

if you every once in a while we're to

put on your five year old hat or

whatever age your small being is and

think what would another five year old

do in this situation

and act 5 or 10 minutes a day during

play like a five-year-old rather than

like an adult your small being will get

more experience being around that type

of behavior and it'll go really far

right for me I do that all the time with

kids I play to win I demand that I want

to go first I say that I want to play a

different game and I do it not to be

difficult to those small beings but to

teach them that they need to be flexible

so they can be successful with their

peer group second when small beings are

around their peers and have these types

of challenges they often will default to

going to adults picture it at a playdate

if you're small being doesn't want to be

with their friend do you let them come

and hang out with you for a little bit

do you talk for them when they're

uncomfortable or do you force them to go

back and be in the conversation think

about it what would really help them if

you step back and say no I can't help

you go figure it out and push them a

little bit in those tough situations

they're going to learn to problem-solve

they're going to figure it out or give

them some tools to use later on they can

totally do more than you think if you

don't give them the answers and third is

be selective with the small beings that

you're having them hang out with at

least initially right we all know all

different kids have all different sets

of skills and some kids are much better

at being understanding and compromising

and sharing and some kids are really

headstrong and they want it their way if

you're small being is having some

challenges getting along with peers set

them up on some play dates with some

really flexible kids so that it's more

likely that they're going to get along

well if you have a lot of experience

where other people aren't being kind to

you chances are you're not going to go

back into that experience that's what

you're seeing with your child's here so

setup experience that are more likely to

be beneficial right and that might mean

that you sit down and play the game with

the kids all together rather than

sending them off for a play date on

their own but being in it and part of

them but being selective at least

partially with the other kids so that

you know they can bring in the best out

in your child's can go really

far I hope those three quick tips help

you into shifting your child social

skills from being just around adults to

being with small beings to thank you so

much for taking time to listen to these

ideas and strategies and these alone can

make a world of difference but when

you're ready for more ways to enhance

the social skills of your small being

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