Coaching Beginner Baseball | Basic Hitting 4 Easy Steps (Pro Speed Baseball)

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what's going on guys and welcome back to

pro speed baseball I'm very excited for

today's video we have one of our pro

speed baseball students here Garrett

who's going to help us learn the basics

of the swing in four simple steps let's

go ahead and get started

alright guys first and foremost the best

coaching needs to be done right when

these when these guys get started

hitting I got Garrett when he was seven

years old and I already had a ton of

poison in terms of what we call here

poison at pro speed baseball is bad

coaching you know he was told some

things and he had a lot of issues so

what we're gonna do is if you are

getting started with hitting or even if

you've already started for a little bit

this is going to be a perfect video

because you're gonna see four basic

things that you can do to get off to a

great start as a hitter the first one

we're gonna start off with is the grip

everybody needs to make sure they have a

good grip when they start off this if

you get used to a grip that's not quite

what where we want it that doesn't allow

our hands to do what they need to do

then it's really hard to break that

habit so Garrett's demonstrating here a

perfect doorknocker over doorknocker

grip that's going to allow your wrist to

hit unhinge properly in the swing so

what we want to do when we line those

doorknockers up guys you just do this at

home like use the knuckles that you

would knock on a door with and you're

simply going to line those those two

knuckles on up right on top of each

other creating a nice straight line

that's gonna put the bat in the fingers

of your hands just like you're seeing

Garrett's here so go ahead and open your

hands right there a little bit right

here so that is going to be resting in

the fingers of the hands so guys grip is

pretty simple now once we have our grip

we're going to get into a basic stance

of Garrett's gonna show us here from

face-on we're going to get into our T

setup and all we're going to do is we're

going to learn these that our stance

width is going to be just maybe a little

bit wider than shoulder width so that's

number two we have our grip our stance

width then we have our load and stride

if we get those things guys we're gonna

have at least a really nice base to

start working with when we start working

on the other parts of our swing so we've

got our grip we've got about a little

bit wider than shoulder width stance now

we're going to do the load guys all we

all we want us to do when we start off

in the load is make sure that our hands

are going to be behind our

shoulder from the face on view so our

hands can start off in front of our

shoulder but when they load they want to

be behind the shoulder so we if we get a

little bit too long with our load the

arm will straighten out we want to make

sure we still have a little bit bent

bend but if we get too short then our

hands are going to be covering our

shoulder we want to make sure our hands

are behind our shoulder and we have some

bend in that arm that's that's all we

really need to know getting started with

the load now we're gonna go ahead and

make our stride which is going to be

just a very small step forward and as

you can see here Garrett has opened his

foot slightly this is going to allow

room for the hips to open up again basic

mechanics when we see we get a little

bit further along the way with how the

hips work in the swing we want to make

sure that that foots good so when we

stride we want to make sure that foots

open just a little bit guys if we can

get these floor pieces we can start

making some really good swings even if

everything isn't perfect we at least

have a base to start with so again we

have our door knockers over door

knockers on the grip we have a shoulder

a little bit wider than shoulder width

stance we have a load go ahead and load

for me we're gonna have a stride okay

the hands are behind the shoulder from

the face on view which is where we are

right here this is the face on view will

show you down the line here in a second

and we have this lead foot is going to

be a little bit open so Garrett go ahead

and start go ahead put your bat down put

it all the way down go ahead and get

started from very beginning go ahead and

get your grip okay we're gonna load load

the hands we're gonna stride the foot

good and then from here guys we're gonna

make a swing go ahead and make a swing

good alright so what we're gonna do one

more time go and get set big thing guys

here in these four steps when you make

your swing we only load one time we only

stride one time okay we're gonna load

stride your foot okay now what you'll

see when Garrett goes to swing his hands

are gonna go to the ball and his foots

going to stay down where everybody goofs

up for the first time is they want to

step into the ball they want to lift

their foot up off the ground and then

put it back down we want to keep our

foot down on the ground so start all the

way over for me real quick

getting your set up okay right there all

right load your hands stride he's going

to keep his foot down and make a nice


and a little bonus here guys if you can

get into a nice balanced finish like

Garrett we're off to a really good start

let's show him one here from down the

line so he's going to take his grip

we're gonna load the hands stride the

foot his foots gonna stay down and we're

gonna make a nice swing and we're gonna

have a nice hold finish guys four

checkpoints if you can get started with

these you can be on your way to having a

very nice start to your baseball swing

if you guys want some extra help with

the details of some of the stuff you can

sign up for a free membership at Pro

Speed baseball com that takes you

through the details of the setup the

load the stride the swing all absolutely

free that link will be in the

description below I'd like to thank you

guys for checking out this video if you

like to stay tuned we got even better

bonus video coming up for you we have

the wall drill which is a premium video

from our all-access website that you can

check out completely free by clicking on

the iCard that pops up during the

preview at the end of the video or in

the link in the description below thanks

again for watching guys good luck with

your games good luck with your swings

and we'll see you guys soon hey I'm

going to show you the number one move

that kills bat lag but most importantly

we're going to do a drill that will

instantly give you a tight transition

into bat lag and have your swing look

looking drastically better today the

move that I'm talking about here is when

we're going into our transition and the

bat lays down and now the only thing

that we have to rely on for bat speed is

our pure streak from Mike Trout he does

this really really well you'll see as we

pause him here in the max bat lag

position his barrel is really high and

you can see that it's barely dipping

into that line imagine if this was a

nail and this bat was a hammer if I was

trying to hammer this nail in like this

this would be kind of like me dumping

the ballot if I'm letting this hammer

swing and slam into this ball over and

over again I'm gonna be very very thick

I'm sure you guys are ready for it by

now let's go ahead and dive into the

wall drill alright guys here we go

the wall drill