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hey everybody its Becky welcome back to

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single week about cleaning and

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life and fitness and Disney so if you

like those kinds of videos make sure you

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single week so today's video is a little

bit special and different for me I've

had quite a few questions over the years

about dealing with children that have a

DD or ADHD especially as it relates to

homeschooling I've gotten quite a few

questions about that because we do

homeschool and wow I am certainly not a

professional and I don't have all the

answers I appreciate you guys trust me

enough to ask me that and hopefully I

will be able to share some tips and

suggestions in this video to help you

out and even if your child does not have

a TV or ADHD I think we can all relate

to the fact that kids are like ticking

time bombs and you never know how long

they're going to be able to sit there

before they just kind of go to go

haywire so hopefully these tips will

help you even if you have a child that

has not been diagnosed with a DD or ADHD

or any type of hyperactivity I think

they could also benefit from this video

hopefully so this information in these

tips are we we share with you guys are

all from and based on information I've

gotten from public school teachers and

from online research and just you know

learning about education as we've

homeschooled I've learned more and more

about education so hopefully you'll find

some tips here that will help you the

first thing that seems to be recommended

by pretty much every therapist or

teacher is some kind of digital to

manipulate while they're doing your

schoolwork so a lot of us digit without

us ever really even knowing that's what

we're doing we click a pin we twist our

hair we shake our foot we tap on the

desk we all do a lot of these little

things I will put shaker and my husband

sometimes I'm visiting sitting next to

him in church and I'll be shaking my

foot and he just kind of grabs my leg

like stops in here foot but we all have

those little things at the form of

fidgeting and so obviously in school if

you don't want your kid capping on the


clicking pin so having fidgets for them

in public school or a home school it's

really going to help them to release

some of that energy and be able to focus

their mind on what they're supposed to

be focusing on there's tons of different

types of fidget and styles and color

all different things for kids and adults

but one of the ones that I found that I

think are really great is from born to

calm on what Amazon I will link them

below and you get a pack of 10 digits

two of which have a keyring on the end

so you can use them on keys you can put

them on a backpack so these are really

nice for kids that may have to go to

tutoring or if they're going to public

school they can stay on their backpack

or even if you're an adult and you want

to bring it with you they do have the

caving on the end see the other ones are

just these tubes of like this mesh

material is BPA free and there's a

marble on the inside that you can roll

around inside the tube there's all

different colors and I think it's nice

because they are quiet and they're small

you can even keep them in a pocket works

really nicely to give your child or

yourself something to fidget with while

they're doing your school work these

digits from floor to column are really

special as well because when you

purchase them from Amazon 10% of your

purchase of these digits from born to

calm will go to benefit a autistic Self

Advocacy network so it really is a

company that is interested and concerned

about the special needs community and so

I really think that the reason alone in

an amazing reason to pick up these pages

and like I said you don't have to have a

child with hyperactivity issues to be

able to benefit from these my kids love

playing with these and they're they're

nice because they have a drawstring bags

if you wouldn't take them on the go keep

them all together in the classroom or

something then there's nice because it

does come with a value my kids love

playing with these it's just a fun thing

to do to do stress and to focus and to

concentrate so that is my first

suggestion is some type of fidget second

thing and my husband actually expose

these to me and I had never heard of

them and then actually after seeing him

use it and doing a little bit of

research about it I found out that these

spinners are an amazing way to help any

child or adult with a DD ADHD

hyperactivity issues these two that we

have are from Spence TRO it's an online

website that you can purchase from they

have all I mean who knew there is there

were so many varieties like he got one

spinner and he's like yeah but I need

another one because I want one that's

this color I want this made out of this

material and I didn't know there was

such a variety I didn't even know they

existed and then

a huge variety of them in all different

types and sizes and styles so the two

that we have are from spin Stroh and

obviously you wouldn't necessarily want

to give this metal one to a child but my

older daughter place is that both girls

you play with it but really my husband

likes this one from spin stro it's metal

and got the pointed tip and it's really

heavy and weighty and it's really fun

too because we like to play a game to

see who's will spend the longest I'm

kind of surprised I don't want to admit

to him than I do kind of think they're

neat like when he first started looking

into them and talking about the mods

like that dumb why would you want to sit

there and spin some suspend something

but after being able to play them for a

little while they have been really fun

this one's from spin straw as well and

this was much better suited to a younger

child so it's plastic it's a lot safer

it's a lot larger so it's easier for a

child hand and they're just really fun

and I'll sit here I'll sit there at

night when watching TV you just kind of

spin it I do find it kind of relaxing

and I do tend to have a little bit of

anxiety sometimes and so it's actually

kind of fun and I actually have a coupon

code for these spin stress spinners for

these or anything any ones on their

website I will link that coupon code in

the description box below in case you're

interested in picking up some of these

spin stroke centers for your family your

kids your husband your classroom I'm

telling you these actually make a great

gift for any man as well so check out

the coupon code and the link below in

the description box below if you're

interested in me another great resource

for children that have a little bit of a

hard time sitting still or focusing our

chair band these are actually something

that when my oldest daughter was in

public school a couple of the chairs and

her classroom had these chair bands on

them and the teacher mentioned to me

that they use those for kids that have

trouble sitting still it gives the child

something to do with their feet quietly

while they're able to do their work and

concentrate while not disturbing the

other children so they're really nice

for public school or home school I'll

link the ones I found on Amazon in the

description box below another great way

to relax and calm your mind and to

de-stress is bubble like bubble toys so

any show that looking at something calm

and rhythmic is a stress relieving and

calming experience for kids or adults to

have hyper

the issues and so there's tons of

different ones you can find I will link

the ones that I found on Amazon below

but also know Hobby Lobby had some last

time I was there so check in to those

plus are really pretty I had gotten my

girl son from Amazon a couple years ago

for their stockings I didn't realize

that it was something that would

actually help with sensory issues or

hyperactivity I just thought they were

pretty and they were neat so my girls

already have some and sometimes they'll

set a mother nightstand they like to

watch the little bubbles drip down at

night and it really does I think help

them go to sleep as well so those are

really nice and affordable and they're

pretty so it's not like it's something

you wouldn't want sitting around anyway

my last tip for dealing with

hyperactivity and sensory issues in

children or adults is essential oils

essential oils are great for so many

things they're great for concentration

for sleeping just tons of things they've

been around for so though so many years

and we're used in ancient times because

they figured it out back then that

essential oils are an amazing tool to

have for all different types of ailments

and treatments for the body so just sell

the oils that are known to help with

memory and concentration our spearmint

peppermint and rosemary I know there's

all different types of blends you can

get from health supply stores or from

Amazon I know there's so many different

oil companies out there now like doTERRA

and Young Living so do a little bit of

research and find out maybe which ones

seem to have worked for the most people

you can get defuse them with a diffuser

in your home or your classroom and they

actually have and this is new to me also

they also have diffuser jewelry and

bracelets for kids jewelry for adults

and bracelets for kids so you diffuse if

you put a few drops of the essential oil

in the watch or the bracelet for the

kids and they actually can still breathe

in that essential oil even when they're

at school or at their desk I think

essential oils are an amazing way to

naturally try to treat hyperactivity and

sensory issues because so many times you

hear the word medication and you don't

want to go down that route if you do not

have to so essential oils are a much

safer healthy natural way to help to

concentrate or focus or whatever the

need might be it would really be

honestly a little bit of a process of

trial and error for you or for your

child as to which essential

work the best there's all different

blends you can purchase that have

different essential oils that are

supposed to help with concentration and

hyperactivity and stress and anxiety all

these things so I hate to kind of just

say here do your own research but

honestly it's a very personal personal

process you're probably going to have to

go through it's going to bring it up

though that is out there for you guys

there are already oils made up that are

supposed to work for hyperactivity

issues I have linked one in description

box below

but I found Amazon has tons of great

reviews tons of people say it works for

them or their child so do your research

go to your neck to your local health

supply store and ask them you know would

you have any oil blends that are

supposed to help with concentration

things like that and then just try them

out because honestly that's really the

only way you're going to find the best

blend for you or your child and also I

would highly recommend contacting Nicky

from a farm household she is an amazing

youtuber homeschool her mom and she just

recently started selling essential oils

from doTERRA and I know that she and at

least one of her kids has a TD or ADHD I

can't really remember which one and she

has talked about one of the doTERRA oils

that she uses in her home school room in

a diffuser to help her kids concentrate

and sit still and she swears by it so if

you want to contact her I will leave her

channel link and her

doTERRA website link in the description

box below you can definitely contact her

and ask her any questions you might have

she is extremely knowledgeable about

every single thing I've ever heard her

talk about so I know she would probably

be able to help you out as well so those

are my tips and suggestions for children

that have a DD or ADHD or stress anxiety

or just kids that have a little bit of a

hard time sitting still and I think any

of these things are great whether you

have a child that's been diagnosed or

you just had a kid is a little bit

bouncy sometimes you want them to sit

still and focus there are fun ways and

natural ways to get your kids to calm

down focus these stress and get their

work done with a lot less anxiety on

your part as the parent or homeschool

teacher so I hope these tips were

helpful for you guys I've linked

everything I could find in the

description box below make sure if

you're interested in the coupon code for

the spin straw centers that you check

out the coupon code below and make sure


a link for the born to calm digits in

the description box below I really

really believe in this company and I

believe in the owner I've spoken with

her several times and I think she just

has her heart is in the right place she

had created these to really help people

that have issues with anxiety or ADHD or

a DD and just the fact that she's giving

10% of the proceeds back to that back to

the autistic community I think just

speaks that she really does have the

best interests of children and people at

heart and that's what's so important I

love supporting companies like that so

if you do as well make sure you check

out the link for her product in the

description box below if you guys like

this video it was helpful give it a

thumbs up and let me know what tips or

suggestions you would have for somebody

that might have a child with

hyperactivity issues or if you're an

adult that has hyperactivity issues or

anxiety issues let me know any tips or

suggestions that you might have about

that in the comments below thanks so

much for watching and I'll see you the

next video bye