Baby Stool- What's Normal and What's Not - Newborn Care

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so far the motions of the baby are

cooking of the baby to their important

thing that one should remember that the

babies we pass human emotions as many as

10 to 12 times a day that is after every

field the way we may poop or sometimes

there's two or three days and contending

with four days can go before the baby

passes motion that is after the first

motion this is nothing to be worried

about it is a normal thing which will

give the babies as soon as they take a

few David fast motions and this is the

normal thing you don't need to don't

worry about this it is not that the milk

us now it is the baby sometimes the

parents feel is after you just be taking

the bill the baby has passed motion so

the baby is not gaining any nutrition it

is not like that it is not that the milk

which he has taken right not giving just

pass it but it is a gastrocolic reflex

which happens and because of that there

is perfect emotion so this is normal

perfectly normal and as an other end of

the spectrum we have another set of

babies who are not passing motions and

sometimes the past motions after

everything for three days but the

abnormal emotions consistency is normal

the motions are soft the baby is not

straining too much for passing these

motions it is nothing to be worried

about it is a normal pattern and as far

as the color of the motions is concerned

initially the motion will be dark colors

which is known as the Newtonian then

there will be the transitional stools

that the color we start changing it may

become green or something and ultimately

the motion will become yellow babies who

are exclusively breastfed they can have

mostly golden yellow stools that is the

color of this case but since nowadays as

we all know women

stealing is also going on so if the

mother is supplementing seeds then at

sometimes the babies may have a little

greenish motion also at that point which

is normal a little bit of finished

change on supplemental stage is coming

and that is nothing to be worried about

it is only the wave babies emotions are

totally green and house smelling and the

baby is there looking a little dull that

is the time when the system is something

of an infection is going on so even if a

normal way we can have sometimes if you

go to British schools on for the mental

feeding and the modern equivalent